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  • 220mm Ratchet Crimping Plier

220mm Ratchet Crimping Plier

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Product Features

  • Carbon steel with hardened and tempered jaws.
  • Continuous crimping at preset tension ensures accurate crimp.
  • Chemically black finished surface.
  • PVC grips.
  • Suitable for crimping insulated terminals as follows: DIN 0.5-1.0 / 1.5-2.5 / 4-6 mm2.
  • AWG 22-18 / 16-14 / 12-10.
  • Specifications

    Warranty 12months
    Weight 0.5Kg

    Shipping Information

    • Shipping weight: 0.50 kg
    • Shipping volume: 0.00 m3

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