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    We all love to save money, and when you are shopping for home, commercial or industrial equipment, you should take a look at the items on our Clearance page. We often place items on this page and sell them for hundreds of dollars less than the original sale price. You will find items here from manufacturers you know and respect, and you never know what you may find on this page, as we constantly update it with great deals.

    You will find items for the home on the Clearance page, as well as items that you can use for both work and play. From the occasional saw or engine to bathroom vanities and shower heads, the items we list on this website are always at the lowest possible price.

    At TopmaQ, we pride ourselves on providing our customers the highest quality items for a great value, and just because something is on our Clearance page, it does not mean that the item is broken, or poor quality, or not as good as our other products. What it does mean, however, is that we have decided for one reason or another to sell these items at a lower price. For the highest savings on tools or equipment for your home, commercial or industrial needs, keep an eye on our Clearance page.