PTO Flail Mower Hydraulic - Tractor Mounted


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PTO Flail Mower Hydraulic - Tractor Mounted


Shipping Information:

  • Shipping weight: 315 kg
  • Shipping volume: 1.5 m3
  • The EFGCH175 Flail Mower with hydraulic side-shift has unusual blades for cutting grasses from top to the roots.
  • This equipment is usually used when farmers want to remove the whole of planted crops and replacing them with new ones.
  • The EFGCH Series is a deluxe, medium duty flail mower suitable for larger areas, roadside verges, orchards and open paddocks.
  • The Compact design with hydraulic side shift allowing the EFGCH flail mowers to cut close to farm boundaries, around obstructions and trees as well as roadsides.
  • The EFGCH range of flail mowers are fitted with a high power gear box suitable for 50hp tractors.
  • Cutting height is controlled by adjustable skids.
  • High strength mulching blades.
  • Safety flaps are extra strong and designed with safety in mind.
  • Support leg for storage, with solid 3-Pt hitch.
  • PTO speed: 540rpm.
  • Width: 1750mm.
  • Blade type: Hammer.
  • Number of blades: 56.
  • Tractor hitch: Cat. 1.
  • Tractor HP: 40-55hp.
  • Weight: 320kg.

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