Harmony AW46 ISO VG 46 Hydraulic Oil 20L


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  • Gulf Harmony 46 is a premium quality multipurpose lubricating oil intended for use in hydraulic systems in industrial and mobile service, compressors, turbines, circulating systems and spur, helical, bevel & worm gearboxes where R&O type of oils are required and is blended from high quality base oils and a proven additive system to provide superior oxidation stability, rust & corrosion protection, foam control and moderate wear protection and also possesses good water separation and rapid air release properties.
  • Gulf Harmony 46 exceeds the performance requirements of DIN 51524 Part 1 HL, ISO 11158-HL, AFNOR NFE 48-603 (HL) and Cincinnati Lamb (formerly Cincinnati Machine) P-55.
  • Gulf Harmony 46 is suited for hydraulic systems in industrial and mobile service requiring R&O type of oils and also recommended for a wide variety of following industrial applications requiring R&O type of oils as in circulating oil systems, air compressors, plain and rolling element bearings, steam and water turbines, gear sets not requiring EP-properties and general machine lubrication.
  • Gulf Harmony 46 has superior thermo-oxidative stability that minimises sludge & varnish formation and resists oil degradation leading to longer service life. Excellent demulsibility helps in faster separation of water from oil and special rust & corrosion inhibitors protect critical components even in severe operating conditions. Effective foam control and rapid air release properties ensure trouble-free operations.


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