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Amplify your construction efficiency with TopmaQ's range of earthmoving machinery, designed to make transporting heavy loads effortless. Our selection includes an array of versatile equipment, from battery-powered wheelbarrows to tracked dumpers and mini dumper and barrow combos.

Tailored for New Zealand's construction experts and DIY aficionados, our earthmoving equipment is engineered to tackle rigorous construction and building tasks. From moving heavy materials to enhancing site productivity, our machinery is your dependable partner in construction projects. Choose from popular brands Teiko, KONSTANT and Platinum Pro.

Shop now and experience seamless material handling for any construction or renovation job!

Earthmoving Equipment at TopmaQ

Efficiency in construction and material handling is a cornerstone of any successful project. TopmaQ's earthmoving equipment collection offers a diverse selection of powerful tools designed to streamline and improve your construction experience.

Our earthmoving equipment boasts various features, including powered travel, heavy-duty treaded wheels or tracks for stability, and lever-controlled movements for ease of operation. With bolt-free, steel trays designed for construction and liquid transport, hydraulic front loaders, tray tips, and galvanised flat steel legs, each tool serves specific construction purposes efficiently.

TopmaQ's range offers both battery-powered and petrol engine earthmovers, ensuring a tailored solution for diverse needs. Whether you're a construction expert handling large projects or an experienced DIYer needing reliable equipment, our earthmoving tools are designed to match your requirements.

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Advanced Earthmoving Features for Enhanced Construction Productivity

TopmaQ's earthmoving equipment is packed with advanced features to ensure optimal performance. From powered travel and heavy-duty treaded wheels or tracks for stability to lever-controlled movements for easy manoeuvrability, each machine is crafted to offer seamless operation.

Choose from our range of battery-powered and petrol engine earthmovers. The battery-powered variants offer flexibility and convenience, while the petrol-powered options provide robust reliability for more demanding tasks.

Simplify your construction projects and streamline heavy-duty tasks with our exceptional range of tools. Shop the select range online now, or visit your nearest TopmaQ store!