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Sprayers & Sprinklers

Sprayers & Sprinklers

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Create a lush and thriving landscape with TopmaQ’s extensive range of sprayers and sprinklers. Whether you're a seasoned farmer, rural homeowner, or a tradesperson with specific irrigation needs, our collection of garden sprayers and sprinklers caters to all. From backpack sprayers for precision to heavy-duty boom sprayers for larger areas, we've got the right equipment to make watering tasks a breeze.

Explore TopmaQ's collection today and revolutionise the way you approach irrigation. From small gardens to vast fields, we have the sprayers and sprinklers to make every drop count.

Boom Sprayers

For expansive fields or large gardens, our boom sprayers deliver efficient and even coverage. Perfect for farm owners and agricultural projects, these sprayers are designed to save you time and effort while ensuring your crops get the care they deserve.

Backpack Sprayers

Take control of your spraying tasks with our versatile backpack sprayers. Ideal for smaller areas or spot treatments, these sprayers offer portability and ease of use. Whether you're a dedicated gardener or a tradesperson needing precise application, our backpack sprayers are up to the task.

Portable Sprayers for On-the-Go Convenience

Need a solution that moves with you? Our portable sprayers are compact and efficient. Perfect for various tasks, from DIY projects to small-scale agricultural needs, these sprayers offer convenience without compromising on performance.

Garden Sprayers

Nurture your garden with precision using our range of garden sprayers. From delicate misting to targeted spraying, these sprayers are crafted for the needs of Kiwi gardeners. Keep your plants thriving and your garden flourishing with TopmaQ's reliable garden sprayers.

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Sprinklers for Every Lawn

Achieve a lush, green lawn effortlessly with TopmaQ's garden and lawn sprinklers. From tripod sprinklers for broad coverage to mist sprinklers for delicate plants, our selection ensures that every inch of your lawn gets the hydration it needs.

Versatile ATV and Quad Bike Sprayers

For those on the move, our ATV and quad bike sprayers are the answer. Designed to be mounted on your all-terrain vehicles, these sprayers provide mobility and efficiency. Tackle large areas with ease, making them perfect for agricultural and commercial applications.

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