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Agricultural & Farming Spreaders

Enhance the efficiency of your farming and agricultural tasks with our comprehensive range of spreaders. Sourced from Yard Commander, a trusted brand in agricultural and gardening equipment, our spreaders are built to withstand the rigours of heavy-duty use and deliver reliable performance season after season.

From towable ATV spreaders to tow-behind and walk-behind spreaders and dispersers, TopmaQ offers an unbeatable range that caters to the needs of farmers across New Zealand. Whether you're fertilising your fields, spreading seeds, or distributing other materials, TopmaQ has the right spreader for the job. Browse our collection today and take your farming projects to the next level!

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At TopmaQ, we understand the importance of reliable equipment in agriculture. That's why our spreaders are built to last, with high-quality materials and innovative design features.

Fertiliser Spreaders: Engineered for precision and efficiency, our fertiliser spreaders ensure uniform distribution of fertilisers and other granular materials across vast agricultural landscapes. With capacities of up to 105 litres, these spreaders feature powder-coated frames and lever-controlled dispensary systems for effortless operation.

ATV Spreaders: Transform your ATV into a versatile spreading machine with our range of ATV spreaders. Compatible with most ATV models, these spreaders are perfect for use on farms, orchards, and large properties. Features include axle-driven dispersers, pneumatic wheels, and stands for added stability during operation.

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Manure Spreaders: Simplify the task of spreading farm manure with our durable manure spreaders. Available in tow-behind configurations with capacities of up to 246l, these spreaders feature heavy-duty construction and lever-controlled dispensary systems for even distribution. Choose from a variety of capacities to suit your specific needs.

Broadcast Spreaders: Achieve precise coverage of seeds, fertilisers, and other materials with our broadcast spreaders. Ideal for gardens, lawns, and agricultural fields, these spreaders feature adjustable spread patterns and pneumatic wheels for smooth operation.

Walk-Behind Spreaders: For smaller-scale farming activities, our walk-behind spreaders offer precise control and manoeuvrability. Whether you're spreading seeds or fertilisers, these spreaders deliver accurate results with ease. Choose from our frontpack 18-litre spreader from Platinum Pro or 25-litre walk-behind seed disperser for efficient operation.

Advantages of Using Spreaders

Investing in a high-quality spreader from TopmaQ offers numerous advantages for farmers and agricultural professionals. Our spreaders ensure efficient and uniform distribution of fertilisers, seeds, and other materials, minimising wastage and maximising yield. With adjustable spread patterns and precise control mechanisms, you can customise the application to suit your specific needs, resulting in optimal plant growth and crop health.

Moreover, using a spreader saves valuable time and labour compared to manual spreading methods. Our spreaders feature ergonomic designs and user-friendly controls, allowing operators to cover large areas quickly and effortlessly.

Whether you're working on a small garden or a sprawling farm, our spreaders help streamline your spreading tasks, allowing you to focus on other essential aspects of your operation. Explore our range today and discover how TopmaQ's spreaders can enhance your farming and agricultural operations. With features designed for durability and performance, our spreaders are the ideal choice for any spreading task.