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Fans & Ventilation

Fans & Ventilation

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Welcome to TopmaQ’s fans and ventilation collection where you can discover a comprehensive range of fans and ventilation solutions, designed to meet the needs of workshop workers, construction experts, project managers, and various professionals.

Whether you're looking to improve air circulation, manage temperature, or enhance ventilation in your workspace, TopmaQ has the right fan for the job.

Choose TopmaQ for Your Fan and Ventilation Needs

At TopmaQ, we understand the diverse needs of professionals across various industries. Our wide selection of fans and ventilation solutions, ranging from high-capacity cyclone fans to specialised explosion-proof options, ensures that you'll find the right product to suit your requirements. Shop online or visit one of our retail stores to explore our comprehensive range of fans and ventilation equipment.

Experience superior airflow, efficient cooling, and improved ventilation with TopmaQ's quality fan and ventilation solutions. Trust in our decades of experience serving professionals like you across New Zealand.

Industrial Air Movers and Dryers

Speed up the drying process with our selection of carpet, stair, and ceiling dryers. These industrial air movers are perfect for drying out water-damaged areas quickly and efficiently. We also offer cyclone fans and typhoon fans, which provide high-velocity airflow to promote faster drying and cooling in large spaces.

Ventilator and Exhaust Fans

Maintain proper air exchange and ventilation with our range of ventilator fans and exhaust fans. From standard ventilators to explosion-proof options suitable for hazardous environments, TopmaQ offers solutions to ensure fresh air and safety.

Diverse Range of Workshop Fans

For workshops and worksites, we have a variety of fans to choose from. Three-speed high-velocity drum fans, floor workshop fans, pedestal workshop fans, and wall-mounted workshop fans provide versatile airflow options to keep your workspace comfortable.

Ultimate Cooling Solutions

Stay cool during hot days with our cooling solutions. Our portable commercial evaporative coolers and industrial air conditioner coolers are designed to provide efficient cooling for large spaces. Snail blowers, which offer strong directional airflow, are perfect for cooling or ventilating confined spaces.

Shop Exhaust and Axial Fans

TopmaQ also offers a range of exhaust fans, including domestic exhaust fans and wall-mounted axial fans. These fans help to remove stale air and odours, ensuring a fresh and comfortable environment.

Get Explosion-Proof Flexible Ducting and Accessories

Complete your ventilation setup with our range of flexible ducting, hose clips, threaded adaptors, and camlock couplers. These accessories help you customise your ventilation system for optimal efficiency.