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At TopmaQ, our commitment to industry-grade solutions extends to your home. Embrace the perfect blend of industrial prowess and home improvement with our Home & Garden range. Our products transcend traditional expectations, ensuring superior performance, durability, and functionality in residential settings just as well as they do industrial ones.

Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional, our diverse selection of home and garden essentials ensures that every corner of your property is well-equipped and well-taken care of.

Browse through our full collection or subcategories and find everything you need to transform your home into a functional and inviting space. Dive into the Home & Garden section to discover the industrial heart of domestic excellence.

Explore Products for Every Corner of Your Home & Garden

Generators: Our robust generator range from Champion ensures seamless power supply for diverse needs, be it on worksites, farms, rural homes or residential spaces. From electric start to inverter variants, these petrol generators guarantee uninterrupted power and reliability, empowering you in any situation.

Gate Openers: Discover our innovative gate openers designed for residential and domestic use. Combining cutting-edge technology and robust security features, these openers provide seamless entry while prioritising safety and convenience in industrial and home settings.

Garage Doors: Improve your property's appeal and fortify security with our durable and stylish garage doors. Our range offers solutions tailored for domestic needs, ensuring durability, reliability, and aesthetics for commercial and residential spaces.

Garden Hand Tools: From pruning to planting, our quality hand tools cater to both home gardeners and industry professionals. Crafted for precision and durability, these tools are ideal for enhancing the beauty of your outdoor spaces.

Garden Power Tools: Empower your outdoor gardening efforts with our heavy-duty, efficient garden power tools. From trimming to landscaping, these tools ensure seamless operation and precision for both commercial and residential landscapes.

Lawnmowers: Our lawnmowers redefine lawn care, offering precision, power, and durability for both commercial, agricultural and residential settings. Experience immaculate lawns with our reliable range of lawnmowers.

Leaf Blowers & Vacuums: Streamline debris management with our robust leaf blowers and vacuums. Engineered for efficiency, these tools maintain commercial, agricultural or residential landscapes effortlessly, ensuring a tidy environment.

Weed Control: Explore our weed control range, offering solutions to combat unwanted growth effectively. From herbicides to innovative tools, TopmaQ helps you to maintain clean and healthy outdoor spaces effortlessly.

Spa Pool Accessories: Transform your spa experience with our array of accessories, balancing luxury and functionality. Our accessories are designed to enhance relaxation and add a touch of opulence to your spa settings.

Home Electronics: TopmaQ's home electronics range redefines home living. From wall-mounted hair dryers to shower hot water heaters, under-counter hot water heaters and taps, digital water boilers, and camping fridges and freezers, our electronics enhance your domestic spaces with innovation and practicality.