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Portable Fans

Portable Fans

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TopmaQ’s portable fans provide an easy and transportable solution for all your ventilation needs. Designed to suck or blow air, these versatile portable ventilators are a great all round solution to keep your workplace air quality fresh and safe.

Shop TopmaQ’s range of portable fans online, with quick and easy delivery available. As a proudly Kiwi-owned business we’ve been supplying quality ventilation supplies and a variety of home and workshop fans throughout New Zealand for decades. Whether you need a breeze by your desk, a ventilator for your workshop, or portable cooling for any space, we've got you covered.

Shop Portable Fan NZ - Mobility Meets Power

Need cooling on the move? Our portable fans are compact, rugged, and ready for action, these fans are built to withstand industrial environments. Take the breeze wherever the job demands with our industrial-grade portable fan collection.

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Exhaust Fans - Clear the Air Efficiently

In industrial settings, air quality matters. Our exhaust fans are engineered to clear the air efficiently, making them ideal for factories, workshops, or any space that requires robust ventilation. Designed to rapidly extract and remove stale air or fumes, our portable exhaust fans comply with AS/NZS Electrical Safety Standards and are suitable for industrial workshop use.

Need to clear the air in a hurry? Our portable exhaust fans are compact yet powerful, providing quick and efficient ventilation on the go. Ideal for industrial settings where air quality is a priority. Keep it fresh with our industrial-grade portable exhaust fans.

If you work with gases or other volatile substances, use TopmaQ’s explosion proof exhaust fans. Perfect for chemical, metallurgy and panelbeating industries, our explosion proof fans are ATEX-certified and suitable for commercial use.

Floor Fans for Low-Profile Cooling in Tough Environments

Our floor fans are not your typical workspace accessory. These low-profile heroes are designed for the rigours of industrial environments, delivering powerful airflow without stealing the spotlight. Keep your space cool and efficient with our industrial-grade floor fans.

High-Velocity Fans

When it comes to large-scale cooling, our high-velocity fans take the lead. Powerful, rugged, and designed for heavy-duty tasks, these fans are perfect for industrial settings, workshops, and open spaces. Dominate the air with our industrial-strength high-velocity fans.

Portable Ventilation Fans with Flexible Ducting

In industrial tasks, precision matters. Our portable ventilation fans with flexible ducting give you the control to direct airflow where it's needed most. Ideal for workshops, construction sites, or any space requiring targeted ventilation. Our flexible ducting is 5M long and comes in a range of diameters, with a non-collapsible retractable design for easy use in any workshop environment. Explore our precision cooling solutions.

Portable Ventilator Fans

Efficiency is the name of the game with our portable ventilator fans. Designed for industrial precision cooling, these fans deliver optimal airflow for your specific needs. Find efficiency in every rotation with our industrial-grade ventilator fan collection.