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Garden Power Tools

Garden Power Tools

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TopmaQ offers a comprehensive array of garden power tools designed to simplify all your gardening tasks. Whether you need to trim, mow, prune, or clear, our selection of garden power tools provides you with the solutions you need.

We take pride in being a part of New Zealand's gardening and DIY landscape for over 30 years. It's our mission to provide Kiwis with the best garden power tool deals in the market. We're a proudly Kiwi-owned business that has specialised in supplying and distributing tools and equipment throughout the country.

TopmaQ has cultivated direct relationships with a diverse range of suppliers, which enables us to bring you an extensive collection of tools at competitive prices without compromising on quality. When you choose our garden power tools, you're investing in equipment that's built to last and designed for New Zealand's unique gardening challenges.

TopmaQ's Gardening Power Tools

Our garden power tools are thoughtfully curated to tackle the full spectrum of gardening challenges, from taming overgrown hedges to maintaining lush lawns.

Precision Line Trimmers: Achieve crisp edges and immaculate lawns with our line trimmers. These lightweight yet powerful tools make easy work of trimming grass and edging along driveways and pathways.

Versatile Brush Cutters: For those unruly, dense patches of vegetation, our brush cutters offer the strength and finesse needed to reclaim your garden.

Walk-Behind Mowers: Manicure your lawn with ease using our walk-behind mowers. They're designed for comfort and precision, ensuring your lawn remains in top form.

Efficient Hedge Trimmers: Shape and sculpt your hedges effortlessly with our range of hedge trimmers. Choose from petrol or cordless options to match your gardening style.

Lawn Edgers: Create defined borders and pathways with our lawn edgers, giving your garden a professional finish.

Wood Chippers: Do away with the hassle of disposing of garden waste. Our wood chippers efficiently transform branches and twigs into mulch or compost material.

Scrub Cutters: Tackle undergrowth and dense vegetation in your garden's hidden corners with scrub cutters designed for challenging terrain.

Leaf Blowers: Keep your garden pristine by effortlessly clearing leaves and debris with our leaf blowers. Available in both petrol and cordless options.

Reliable Chainsaws: Prune trees and limbs or create firewood with our powerful chainsaws from popular brands like Havik. These tools are engineered for safety and efficiency.

Hoe Tillers: Prep your garden beds with precision using our hoe tillers, designed for easy soil cultivation.

Grass Trimmers: Achieve immaculate borders and intricate designs in your garden with our high-performance grass trimmers.

Patio Cleaners: Maintain your outdoor surfaces in tip-top condition with our patio cleaners, delivering exceptional results with minimal effort.

Scarifiers: Improve your lawn's health and appearance with our scarifiers, which effectively remove moss and thatch.

Battery-Powered Gardening Tools

Our collection includes a variety of battery-powered garden tools, enabling you to work freely and without limitations. No cords, no fuss - just efficient, cordless operation that enables you to move seamlessly throughout your garden.

Discover our comprehensive range, which features robust leaf blowers, precise chainsaws, versatile hedge trimmers, and more, all powered by advanced battery technology. Bid farewell to the inconveniences of cords and power outlets and say hello to a gardening experience that's driven by your needs and creativity, not logistics.

Your Trusted Gardening Partner

TopmaQ is a name synonymous with trust, quality, and affordability. As a proudly Kiwi-owned business with over 30 years of experience, we've made it our mission to be your trusted source for garden power tools in New Zealand.

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