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If you're in need of reliable lifting and material handling equipment, you've come to the right place. At TopmaQ, we understand the importance of safe and efficient lifting, whether you're working in a busy workshop, automotive garage, or any environment where heavy loads need to be moved. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of hoists designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

A Wide Range of Hoists to Suit Your Needs

Our selection of hoists covers a wide spectrum of applications, ensuring you can find the perfect solution for your lifting and material handling tasks. Here's a glimpse of what we offer:

Hoist Lifts: Ideal for safely raising engines, machinery, or heavy objects with precision and control.

Electric Hoists: Harness the power of electricity for effortless and efficient lifting.

Engine Hoists: Specifically designed to tackle the unique challenges of engine lifting and installation.

Hoist Trolleys: Enhance mobility and versatility in your workshop or garage with easy-to-use hoist trolleys.

Electric Wire Rope Hoists: A reliable choice for heavy-duty lifting tasks, providing durability and strength.

Hoist Beam Clamps: Securely attach hoists to beams for stable and safe lifting operations.

Hoist Clamps: Ensure a firm grip and stable lifting performance with our quality hoist clamps.

Hoist Pendants: Control your hoist operations with precision using user-friendly hoist pendants.

Scaffolding Mounting Hoists: Simplify scaffolding setup and save time and effort with specialised hoists.

Quality and Safety You Can Trust

At TopmaQ, quality and safety are our top priorities. We source hoists from reputable brands to guarantee that our customers receive products that meet the highest industry standards. When you choose a hoist from TopmaQ, you're choosing a reliable tool that will make your lifting tasks safer and more efficient.

Your Trusted Source for Hoists in New Zealand

TopmaQ is proud to serve a wide range of customers, from professional workshop owners to automotive specialists, and anyone else in need of dependable hoisting solutions. With our easy online shopping experience and nationwide availability, you can conveniently find the hoist you need, no matter where you are in New Zealand.

Discover Your Ideal Hoist Today

Browse our extensive selection of hoists online, explore product details, and choose the right hoist for your specific requirements. TopmaQ's team of experts is here to assist you, whether you have questions about product specifications or need advice on selecting the perfect hoist for your tasks.

Experience the ease and efficiency of top-quality hoists from TopmaQ. Elevate your lifting capabilities and tackle heavy-duty jobs with confidence. Shop with us today and take the next step toward a safer and more productive workspace.