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At TopmaQ, safety is our top priority, and we believe it should be yours too. Whether you're a professional tradesperson or a dedicated DIY enthusiast, ensuring your hands are protected in the workplace is vital. That's where TopmaQ's extensive selection of safety gloves comes in.

Why Safety Gloves Are Essential

Safety gloves are not just an optional accessory; they are a fundamental piece of gear in any workshop or garage. By wearing safety gloves, you prevent your hands and fingers from unnecessary wounds, such as cuts, splinters, blisters, skin punctures, or burns.

At TopmaQ, we believe that your hands deserve the best protection, and our range of safety gloves is designed to do just that. Choose safety, choose TopmaQ.

Industrial-Grade Work and Safety Gloves

TopmaQ's safety gloves are engineered for durability and performance, regardless of the nature of your job. Our gloves come in various sizes, ensuring a comfortable fit, whether your hands are large or small. They boast a range of features, from reinforced palms and fingertips to elastic cuffs, waterproofing, anti-cut properties, and more.

A Trusted Source for Quality Safety Gloves

TopmaQ has been a dedicated supplier of high-quality safety gloves and gear for over three decades. We have earned the trust of countless Kiwis by providing durable and dependable safety gear without compromise. We source directly from a wide range of suppliers, ensuring that you receive top-notch equipment at an affordable price.

Our comprehensive selection includes a variety of gloves designed for different applications:

Anti-Vibration Gloves: Perfect for jobs that involve machinery or equipment that produces vibrations, like chainsaws, these gloves offer crucial protection and comfort.

Anti-Slip Gloves: When maintaining a firm grip is essential, our anti-slip gloves provide the traction you need to work with confidence.

Anti-Cut Gloves: These gloves are engineered to protect against cuts and abrasions, making them a must-have for various tasks in industrial and work settings.

Leather Working Gloves: If your work involves heavy-duty tasks, our leather working gloves offer the durability and protection needed for demanding jobs.

Welding Gloves: Shield your hands from extreme heat and sparks with our welding gloves. Designed for welders, they provide exceptional heat resistance.

Gardening Gloves: Even in the garden, safety should not be overlooked. Our gardening gloves protect your hands while working with thorns, prickly plants, or soil.

We don’t compromise on quality. TopmaQ has been providing Kiwis with high quality safety gloves and gear for over 30 years. Sourcing directly from a wide range of suppliers straight to you, we’re able to provide top notch gear at an affordable price point.

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