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Evaporator Coolers

Evaporator Coolers

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Shop TopmaQ’s Range of Evaporative Coolers

Whether it's in-store or online, explore our selection of superior evaporative cooling systems designed to cater to a spectrum of cooling needs. We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch cooling solutions to customers across NZ at competitive prices.

Discover our selection of portable evaporative air coolers from Heat Boss and One Dry, available both in-store and online. Visit our physical stores to see a curated selection or explore our user-friendly online platform for an effortless shopping experience. Our knowledgeable retail staff are eager to assist you with all your cooling needs, ensuring you find the perfect solution for your space.

Evaporative Coolers for Portable, Effective Solutions

Experience effortless cooling for your warehouse or commercial space with TopmaQ’s innovative range of evaporative air conditioners. Our systems offer a cost-efficient means to effectively cool your workspace, ensuring a comfortable environment. Our commercial and industrial air conditioner coolers are designed to be user-friendly, providing continuous cooling as long as the tank is regularly maintained.

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Evaporative Air Coolers for Industrial Warehouses & Workshops

Industrial warehouses often face challenges with high temperatures due to machinery operation and limited ventilation. Evaporative coolers efficiently manage indoor climates, ensuring a comfortable working environment for employees and preserving the condition of stored goods.

By constantly filtering and circulating fresh air, these coolers help mitigate dust and pollutants in warehouses, promoting a healthier atmosphere and reducing potential respiratory hazards for workers.

Evaporative Air Coolers for Commercial Workspaces

In commercial workspaces, maintaining an optimal temperature is crucial for employee productivity and comfort. Evaporative coolers efficiently cool the air without the use of harmful chemicals, ensuring a pleasant workspace without compromising on environmental friendliness.

Compared to traditional air conditioning systems, evaporative coolers consume less energy, making them a cost-effective choice for cooling large commercial areas while keeping utility costs in check.

Shop Portable Commercial & Industrial Evaporator Coolers

At TopmaQ, our range of evaporator coolers boasts a suite of user-friendly features. From compact designs with low installation and running costs to remote-controlled operation, carry handles, and wheels for mobility, our portable evaporative air coolers offer unparalleled convenience. Embrace the ease of moving your cooler wherever it's needed, all accompanied by minimal noise output.