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Evaporator Coolers

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Cooling your warehouse or commercial space has never been easier with TopmaQ’s range of evaporator coolers. Our evaporative air conditioners provide an ideal means to effectively and cost-efficiently cool your commercial workspace. We make all your cooling needs a breeze.

Visit us in store or browse our range of evaporator coolers online. As a proudly Kiwi owned business, we’ve been supplying heating and ventilations systems including evaporative air conditioners to New Zealanders for decades.

Portable Evaporator Air Coolers

TopmaQ’s evaporator coolers have a number of user-friendly features - a compact design with low installation and running costs, a remote control for easy operation, carry handles and wheels for ease of mobility and low noise. Move your evaporator cooler quickly and easily, wherever you need it to go with TopmaQ’s range of portable evaporative air coolers.

A selection of our portable evaporative air coolers is available to view in store and our friendly retail staff are trained to assist you with all your air cooler needs.

Do evaporative coolers work in humidity?

TopmaQ’s evaporative coolers are efficient in air that is consistently dry. We would not recommend that they are used in rooms that already have moisture problems as this will compromise their effectiveness.