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Log Splitters
Looking to upgrade your landscaping equipment? Our log splitters will relieve you from the back-breaking work of splitting logs while reducing your work time so you can move on to other tasks.

Log Splitters

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At TopmaQ, our log splitters are the ultimate solution for your home, commercial or industrial woodcutting needs. Compact yet incredibly powerful, our log splitters will revolutionise your woodcutting experience, saving you time and effort.

With a carefully curated selection of log splitters available from leading brand Champion Power Equipment, TopmaQ offers the perfect log-splitting equipment to make woodcutting a breeze. Shop manual, petrol and electric log splitters online or in-store today.

Electric Log Splitters for Optimal Convenience

For home and domestic use, our electric log splitters are the ideal choice. Lighter and more affordable than petrol-powered options, our electric log splitters require little to no maintenance and can be easily stored away when not in use.

Popular amongst homeowners who regularly burn wood during winter, our electric log splitters are super convenient and efficient. Experience the ease of woodcutting with an electric log splitter from TopmaQ in your home today.

Petrol Powered Log Splitters - The Industry-Grade Solution

When it comes to cutting tough logs, rely on TopmaQ's dependable, efficient, and portable petrol-powered log splitters. Designed for industrial-grade performance, our petrol log splitters are perfect for tackling even the most challenging woodcutting tasks.

Available in capacities ranging from 9 tons to a whopping 42 tons, there’s no log our splitters can’t cut through with ease. Our largest log splitter boasts a log lift, and all products in our range are fully portable. Protect your log splitter while not in use with our covers, suitable for sizes 9-37 tons. We also offer a selection of internal and external log storage solutions, to help you stock up for the winter!

Explore our full selection of petrol-powered log splitters online at TopmaQ and equip yourself with the ultimate log-cutting solution.

Choose TopmaQ for Your Log Splitting Needs

With TopmaQ, you can trust in the quality and reliability of our log splitters, carefully selected to cater to the demands of homeowners, farmers, and woodcutting enthusiasts in NZ. TopmaQ's log splitters provide an easy, safe, and efficient way to split wood, including firewood.

Say goodbye to manual woodcutting and welcome an efficient and effortless log-splitting experience with TopmaQ's log splitters. Invest in your woodcutting success - shop for log splitters at TopmaQ today!

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