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At TopmaQ, we offer a comprehensive selection of ducting supplies, including versatile options like aluminium foil ducting, heat-resistant flexible ducting, and PVC variants. Our range extends to ducting clips and canisters, ensuring you have everything required for your ventilation, dehumidification, and exhaust needs.

From industrial setups to residential spaces, our ducting solutions are designed for diverse applications. Our ducting range is available in various lengths and diameters, providing flexibility and precision for your projects.

Explore our premium range of flexible ducting, ventilation ducting, and ducting clips, designed to meet your project requirements. Enjoy hassle-free shopping and prompt delivery across New Zealand.

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Premium Ducting Range

Shop TopmaQ's extensive range of ducting solutions, designed to meet the diverse demands of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and exhaust projects. From trusted brands like OneDry and Heat Boss, our ducting products are engineered to deliver unmatched performance in various industrial, commercial, and residential settings.

Our flexible ducting options, such as flexible ventilation ducting and aluminium ducting, guarantee durability and optimum airflow. Whether it's heat-resistant applications or standard ventilation tasks, our ducting meets the highest standards.

Ducting Options: Versatility Meets Quality

Aluminium Foil Ducting: Our aluminium foil ducting is a versatile and durable solution, perfect for heating and ventilation projects. Crafted for reliability, it ensures optimal airflow and temperature control.

Diesel Heater Heat Resistant Ducting: Engineered to withstand the heat generated by diesel heaters, this ducting is a go-to choice for professionals working in colder environments. Stay warm and productive with TopmaQ's heat-resistant ducting.

Heat Resistant Flexible Ducting: When your projects demand flexibility without compromising on heat resistance, our flexible ducting options are the answer. Ideal for various applications, these ducts provide reliable performance.

Ventilator Fan Flexible Ducting: Achieve efficient ventilation with our flexible ducting designed for ventilator fans. Whether for industrial or residential use, this ducting ensures optimal air circulation.

Ducting in a Canister: For added convenience and easy storage, consider our ducting available in canisters. It's a practical solution for professionals on the move.

Ducting Clips: Secure your ducting with our range of ducting clips, available in various sizes, including 125mm. These clips ensure a snug fit, keeping your ducting in place.

Ducting in Sizes to Suit Every Project

TopmaQ understands the unique needs of Kiwi DIYers and experts. Our ducting is available in lengths of up to 10m, with varying diameters to accommodate diverse project requirements.